Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday's Pinterest Finds #4

Today I have baby room decor for you.  Nope, this isn't an announcement, no baby for me. But I have seen some really cute ideas, and yeah most of what you will see is girl stuff, cause I have a girl and that's what I tend to notice. For the next week or so I will be showing different baby rooms I've found, and sharing with you a few tips I've learned about what you do and don't need for your baby and for your baby room.  I have several friends who are getting ready to be first time parents and the question of how much to decorate the baby room has come up many times.  I hope you enjoy this week!

Is this not the cutest simple idea?  I love the fabric in the embroidery hoops, it add interest and a pop of color and it is so easy to do. This comes from via Pinterest.
I love the flowers and tree, and just the whole look of this room!  This comes from Pinterest
This is yet another darling baby room that is so simple, I love it.  The colors are great, even if they are not "my" colors. This comes from via Pinterest.
I love the colors in this next picture, it is so bright and airy. This comes from via Pinterest.
This last one is one of my favorites.  It could work for a boy or a girl, or an older child as well.  The original pinner said that at the persons baby shower everyone was to bring a letter.  Then some had scrap book paper added, some were painted, etc, and all were put on the wall in the baby room.  I really love this!  It comes from via Pinterest.
There are some wonderful ideas in these pictures, things that you can do very cheaply, and do yourself!  I hope you all enjoyed them!


  1. I love the wall with all the alphabet letters. Also, why didn't I ever have one of those comfy, cushy rockers in my baby room?