Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Finds 5/7/11

Well, what a weekend! We had a great time, and found some really great stuff!  It all started Friday night when we went to our local auction.  We actually didn't buy much, but still found a couple of great things.

Like this beautiful Solid (and I mean solid!!) Cherry desk, for anyone interested in it, it will be going on Craigslist today.

There was also this sewing kit as the auctioneer called it, it quite a few small wooden spools in it as well.  I probably over paid, but it was so cute, and it looked like it would handy for some of my sewing stuff.

Next, this old wooden trunk covered with a map print.  I don't know that it is really that old, but it was neat, and it will look great upstairs in my map room.

Then, this dressing table bench, at least I think that is what it is.  This is going to get a redo, and be resold.

Last, this old seltzer bottle, its not in great shape, but with a bit of cleaning I think it will look nice somewhere.

Saturday Hubby went to an auction at an old mill, while Little Monkey and I ran errands and did a little shopping.  Hubby found some great things!  He mostly went for tools, but I also asked for a couple things, like these awesome old gears!!

A couple of these are going to end up in my house!
 He also got several old wooden boxes, like these, plus the contents

He also got a bunch of tools, and a few other things.  For him, it was a great day!

Sunday, we spent the morning hauling old bricks from a burned out house.  You see, several years ago the county condemned the house, it was falling down, and a hazard.  They told the owner he had so many days to remove the house or the county would do it for him and send him the bill.  He refused to do anything about it, so the county had the fire department come out and do a controlled burn.  All that is left, are the two old chimminy's.  So, we decided to help keep some bricks out of the landfill.  We hauled about 230 bricks over to our house where we are going to use them to make a flower bed border.  I'll show you all that project at another time.  Here are a few pictures of the bricks.
This is what is left of the house.

After that I was treated to lunch at "the pig place" as LM calls it, otherwise known as BBQ Exchange, possibly the best BBQ place ever!!  It is always a treat when I don't have to cook!  :)
Next up, we stopped in at our favorite local antique shop.  That is where I hit the mother lode!  I found a booth that had antique lace!!!  Yards and yards!  I found three pieces of hand made antique Irish lace, I think it is tatted, but not positive it might be crocheted.

Then there were three pieces of antique French lace.
There is 15 yards of this one!
The bottom one feels so soft, it is thin and like gossamer

Then there was two pieces of antique crocheted lace edge.

There were also 14 of these crocheted medallions, I think they were supposed to be for a blanket, but they are going to find their way onto some pillows.  I don't know how old they are, but the pattern book that came with them, says the 1950's, and the price still in the cone of thread is like 30 cents.  So I know it is fairly old.

I can hardly wait to start making some things using this lace.  You can bet that at some point you are going to see some of it in my etsy shop!  Oh, and I finally found a postage scale in my price range, so it should be here next week, then I will have quite a few more items going on etsy!
I hope your weekend was lots of fun, and included some great finds of your own!
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  1. You have had a productive weekend. Congrats on your finds. The brick will make your border so pretty. What are you going to do with all that gorgeous lace???????? It is too, too pretty!

  2. Great finds! Not sure which I love the best...they are all so great!

  3. Great finds! I didn't find anything this weekend except a couple old Ball jars.

  4. How great! Where do you go to find all of this? I am just starting out and would appreciate all of your advise!!

  5. Okay Im so jealous of all your awesome finds....I would buy half of what you found! lol

    Lucky 7 Design

  6. those are all great finds!!! do you live in kensington, md? just wondering since you might come to lucketts. i hope you do come and make sure to introduce yourself!