Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Unexpected Visitor........

As I finished up cleaning the master bath I glanced out the window and noticed something moving.  It is not something I have seen here, but I have found the evidence of their visits.

Who was my visitor?  Why a large snapping turtle!!

I think it is a she, but how does one really know?  For the last couple of years when my hubby cleans up the creek bed behind the house he has found several baby snapping turtles, they are so tiny, only about 2 inches long.  He suspected that the female came up the creek bed to our house and laid eggs here, but we have never seen her, until today.

From the tip of her mouth to the tip of her tail, she is 18 to 24 inches long!!  To me, that is huge!  Her shell alone looked to be over 12 inches long, and about that wide.  Needless to say, I kept my distance.  I didn't get any closer than 3 feet.  I mean, look at these feet claws?  Would you want to come in contact?  Not me!

Later when I hubby called and asked about it, and he said it was a good thing I didn't get closer, when they are that big, they can get a finger in their mouth and break it!  Yikes, thanks I'll stay away!  They are also pretty fast, he said they are like a snake and can strike quickly.  I believe it!  When I ran inside to get my phone so I could text a pic to hubby, she took off.  It took me a little while to find her again.  She had wallowed till she was under water and mud, and only her head showed.  I would not have seen her, except she moved.

So, I am hoping this is a temporary visit, as I know Little Monkey and her love of turtles could get her hurt with this one!
Hope you are having a happy Tuesday!!


  1. Yep! Keep Little Monkey away from it!

  2. Great pics! I've never even seem a deer in our backyard ;)